Keep your eyes on the shore

When learning to surf (real waves, not metaphorical ones), you’ll be told to keep your eyes on the shore.

Why? Because you go where you look.

Look at the water, and down you go. First your eyes, then your head, neck, spine, and quickly your entire posture subtly shifts. You’ll hear the same in Jiu-Jitsu or Judo: look where you want to throw your opponent, and your entire posture shifts to set up the throw accordingly.

The same goes for life: where you look, you will go.

Look at all the terrible parts of the chaos and your entire “posture of living“ shifts toward terrible things. And down you go. Look toward the shore - whatever metaphorical destination you seek - and your entire posture toward life will shift to support your ride.

Stay focused on your goals. Visualize yourself successfully achieving them.

Yet like surfing (non-metaphocally), simply looking at the shore isn’t enough to get you there. Similarly, focus and visualizing isn’t enough to get your through life. Everything else matters. But, just remember: look into down into the water, and that’s where you go.

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